Achieve Card, The Real Scoop

So I got an Achieve Card in the mail and I’m wondering what it is and if it’s legit….

Here’s the real scoop on Achieve Card:

Achieve Card is a legitimate prepaid card, just like you’d buy at a store.  Achieve sends you the card for free and if you want to use it, fine.  If not, just throw it out. (it won’t affect your credit or personal info).

Achieve Card doesn’t hide their fees so there are no surprises.  They list the fees on their site (, and with the card in the mail, and if you call they tell you what it costs.  When you compare fees to other cards Achieve Card is usually less at the end of the month because they don’t charge you for every little thing.

The card doesn’t look like a piece of junk so you don’t have to be embarrassed when you use it.

It works everywhere cards are accepted and at ATMs if you need to pull out cash.

Customer service is actually helpful – Imagine that.  They don’t send your call off to the other side of the world and make you explain your problems to someone that doesn’t understand you and isn’t empowered to help you.  Achieve Card support is 100% in the USA and the customer service is friendly and helpful.

Their website is easy to use and shows you balance and transactions.

Achieve Rewards let’s you earn points by using the Achieve Card.  You spend your points on prizes, and yes they actually send you the prizes.

Achieve Card is real, honest, and doesn’t take advantage of people.

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